Great Events from History: The 18th Century Review

“As with the other volumes in the Great Events from History set, The 18th Century, 1701-1800 offers worldwide coverage of important events and trends that defined the era. Any essays carried over from the previous edition were updated to offer new details and resources. The contributors are both university-affiliated as well as independent academics. The work's essays run about three to four double-columned pages on the average. They include a brief listing of relevant people and geographic areas related to the event or trend as well as relevant further reading lists. The entries are in chronological order. The editors' geographic, subject and personage indexes in addition to the two tables of contents allow for easy reader access to the entries' subject matter. Geographically organized bibliographies and Internet resources summarize further materials for the reader. Maps and drawings add further detail to some entries. Covering events in Asia and Russia with the same detail as those in the Middle East, Europe, or the Americas, these books illustrate that the eighteenth century sparked worldwide change and allow users to compare and contrast the innovations' effects for themselves. This work is recommended for high school, public and undergraduate library reference collections.”

“Bottom Line This impressive, perusable set will strengthen any reference collection and is strongly recommended for academic and public libraries, especially those that can afford other titles in the series.”