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The Forties in America

Editor: Thomas Tandy Lewis; St.Cloud State University
September 2010

The Forties in America offers a clear and innovative approach to North America during the 1940's. The set covers the full breadth of North American history and culture, with 654 alphabetically arranged, easy-to-understand articles.

While, The Forties in America, devotes a great deal of space to the war, it does not do so at the cost of neglecting other subjects. The set makes a special effort to treat the war within the context of its impact on nonmilitary aspects of American and Canadian life. Hence, while it covers the essential military details of the war-major campaigns, selected battles, important weapons, and principal military commanders-it places considerable emphasis on how those and other aspects of the war affected government, business, culture, and daily lives.

Subjects of the 654 essays include:

  • Political & Military Leaders
  • Athletes
  • Entertainment Figures
  • Films, Books
  • Radio & Television Shows
  • Plays
  • Events
  • Fads
  • Products
  • Technology,

and overviews of such broad issues as:

  • Agriculture & Business
  • Communications
  • Demographics
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Literature & Radio
  • Religion
  • Race Relations
  • Politics
  • Science & Arts

The essays in this set range from one-half to six pages long, and follow a standard format. Each article begins with a concise title followed by a brief description of the person, organization, work, concept, or event. Every essay features an "Impact" section, which reviews the subject's broader importance during the 1940's. Every article concludes with "See Also" cross-references, and bibliographical notes. Lastly, each article is signed by its author.

Volume three contains 17 appendixes providing additional information about major films, Academy Award winners, major Broadway plays and awards, major radio programs, bestselling books and major literary awards, popular musicians and top-selling recordings, winners of major sports events, major U.S. legislation, and U.S. Supreme Court decisions. The appendixes also include a glossary of new words and slang, a detailed time line, and an annotated bibliography. Also included are three brand-new appendixes never before seen in previous Decades sets: annotated lists of U.S. wartime agencies, major World War II battles, and top wartime military leaders.

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