The Fifties in America Review

“Overall this is a terrific set packaged in attractive, sturdy, high-quality bindings that will hold up well to frequent use.”
ARBA, 2006

“Compared to other references, the scope of this set is expanded by the inclusion of fifty entries on Canada…

This set is well-organized, with a variety of references and cross indexes. A complete essay list precedes each vol¬ume, more than five hundred black-and-white photos are included, and several appendixes list important events and individuals in a variety of contexts. Each entry in the set ends with an "Impact Statement" that sum¬marizes major points of that entry. If the topic remained newsworthy into the following decade(s), a "Subsequent Events" statement is also provided. A time line for each year's major events in ten topic areas is an excellent jumping-off point for speech and essay assign¬ments. Each entry also includes a short annotated bibliography. A thirteen-page annotated bibliography at the end of Volume 3, organized by thir¬teen topic areas, guides more extensive research in these subject areas…

Although I believe the target audi¬ence for this set is high school seniors and general readers, the level of detail is admirable…

The Fifties in America is recom¬mended for public library, high school, and undergraduate college library collections.”
-RUSQ, 2006

“Your U.S. history teachers will be happy with this purchase. Highly recommended.”
-Gale (Reference for Students)