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Fashion Innovators

The Editors at Salem Press
April 2016

Highlighting the importance of fashion and design and its impact on social and cultural norms and trends over the hundred years, this title in the Innovators series profiles the most innovative and important individuals in fashion history.

This title profiles the most innovative and influential individuals in the development of fashion. From the post-World War II revival of haute couture to the "mash-up" style of the twenty-first century, the history of fashion is immeasurably rich, with milestones that have revolutionized our society. This title examines those individuals most responsible for the design and production behind fashion today, from the designers to the models popularizing their designs.

Scope & Coverage
Fashion Innovators
 features more than 180 biographies of individuals who have had a significant influence on the development of fashion, culminating with the styles of today that borrow from both hip-hop and unisex indie styles. The biographies represent a strong multi-ethnic, cross-gender focus, with accompanying sidebars describing the affiliation with which that individual is most often associated. Among the editors' criteria for inclusion in the set was an individual's historical significance, whether through their representation of their particular field; his or her relevance to popular culture, or his or her appeal to high school and undergraduate students and general readers.

Essay Length & Format
Each of these extended biographies averages 3,000 words in length and offers concise and informative top matter that includes an introductory summary of the person's significance; birth and death dates and places; and specialty fields.

The text of the essays are divided into the following:

  • Early Life provides facts about the individual's upbringing.
  • Life's Work consists of a straight forward, generally chronological account of how the individual gained recognition, emphasizing their most significant endeavors and achievements - and failures.
  • Personal Information includes post-achievement activities or positions, family life, and topics of general interest.
  • Further Reading provides a starting point for additional research.

Special Features

  • Timeline
  • Category Index
  • Fashion Awards
  • Index
  • Sidebars
  • Images

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