Earth Science Review

“This is a comprehensive set of volumes on the geology and geological history of the Earth's surface, broadly defined. There are 141 articles written by 86 contributing authors. The topic categories include continents, crustal features, Earth history, eruptions, geomorphology, mountains, oceanic crust, paleontology, and volcanology. Each article starts with a brief summary and then definitions of principal terms followed by a few pages of text illustrated with black-and-white photographs and occasional tables and graphs. The last portion of the article is a further reading section, which is essentially an annotated bibliography. The articles appear accurate, and they are certainly well written with college students and younger in mind…”

“For high school and college students, and their instructors, this two-volume set presents 150 signed essays, arranged alphabetically. Each essay occupies about four pages and is structured with a brief initial summary, principal terms, clear subheadings, an annotated bibliography, and cross references. In the front matter is a listing of entries according to the following themes: continents and continental processes, crustal and surface features, earth history and stratigraphy, eruptions, geomorphology, glacial geology, mountains and mountain ranges, oceanic crust, paleontology and the fossil record, and volcanology and volcanic processes. Indexing is in the second volume along with a glossary, a bibliography, and some information in tables…”