Defining Documents in American History: LGBTQ+ Review

“A compendium of letters, posters, laws, media articles, photos, and documents, Shally-Jensen’s (Defining Documents in World History: Women's Rights (1429–2017), 2018) overview of LGBTQ+ issues invites the reader, teacher, and researcher to sample an ongoing struggle for human rights. Glossary entries within the text clarify such essential opinions as the Comstock Act of 1873 (banning the distribution of "obscene" materials) and the founding of the gay-rights organization One Inc., in the 1950s. Illustrations acknowledge the value of the Gay Liberation Front and the Women’s March on Washington, an overlapping of gay and straight issues that salutes efforts toward full citizenship for all Americans. A nine-page chronology covers significant events but omits details. Indexing pinpoints the Stonewall riots, the CDC, Boy Scouts’ treatment of gay Scouts and leaders, and gay bashing. A stunning collection of official commentary and memorabilia, this two-volume set deserves a place in public, high-school, and college libraries.”
-Booklist, 2018