Defining Documents in World History: The 18th Century Review

“Part of the Defining Documents in World History series from Salem Press, this volume focuses on important historical documents of the eighteenth century, along with accompanying essays. It contains thirty-two primary source materials from this century, with each essay supported by a critical essay, summary overview, defining moment, author biography, document analysis, and essential themes. The five major sections are: The American Colonies in Resistance and Revolution; The Founding of a New Democratic Republic; Slavery and Democracy?; Rights and Revolution in France; and The British Abroad. Some of the interesting primary source manuscripts discusses include: Proclamation of 1763, Lord Dunmore's Proclamation, the Declaration of Independence, the Northwest Ordinance, George Washington's farewell address, slavery clauses in the U.S. Constitution, Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, and the British Regulating Act, to name but a few. Appendixes include a chronology, web resources, and a bibliography. Along with the other books in this series, this is an excellent undergraduate resource for academic libraries.”
-ARBA, 2018