Critical Survey of Long Fiction Review

“This is a fine reference work that will be well used by patrons… Highly recommended for college libraries and wherever the need outweighs the cost for public libraries already owning the sets mentioned above.”
-Library Journal

“...Minor authors generally receive about 4 pages of coverage while longer entries run 10 or more pages. The structure of each essay consists of the author's place and date of birth (and death), a list of the principal long fiction, a discussion of other literary forms the author has written in, a discussion of achievements that highlights awards and the author's uniqueness or importance, and a biography. An analysis section, the heart of the entries, includes both a critical overview of the author's work and a separate, detailed analysis of each of the principal works of long fiction. There is also a list of other major works organized by genre and, finally, a bibliography section including major secondary, mostly book-length studies of the author. Each entry also includes a photograph of the author being analyzed....The set should be useful, therefore, chiefly for literature majors, especially graduate students...This is a worthwhile acquisition for all academic and public libraries.”

“...Overall, the Critical Survey of Long Fiction is very easy to use, and the entries are well written, informative, and clearly organized. This is an ideal resource for introducing undergraduates to the critical study of the authors herein.”

“...Critical Survey of Long Fiction offers a wider variety of information and is an excellent starting point for those beginning literary research. Highly recommended.”
-Library Journal