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Critical Insights: All Quiet on the Western Front

Editor: Brian Murdoch, University of Stirling in Scotland
October 2010

This volume brings together a wide variety of introductory and in-depth essays on Remarque's classic war novel.

Murdoch's introduction examines the novel's often overlooked subtleties of tone, characterization, and plot, and Ruth Franklin, writing on behalf of The Paris Review, reflects on Remarque's startling direct style and his relevance to twenty-first-century readers.

Critical Contexts
For those encountering All Quiet on the Western Front for the first time, a quartet of new introductory essays provide a framework for building a deeper understanding of the novel.

Critical Readings
A collection of classic and contemporary essays dive into the novel's key contexts and themes, offer close readings of the title, compare the novel beside German war literature, and provide information on the 1930 film adaptation.


  • Chronology of Erich Maria Remarque's Life
  • Works by Erich Maria Remarque
  • Bibliography
  • About the Editor
  • About The Paris Review
  • Contributors
  • Acknowledgements
  • Index

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