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Critical Approaches to Literature: Multicultural

Editor: Robert C. Evans, Auburn University at Montgomery
July 2017

This volume, the third in a series of Critical Approaches to Literature, both examines and illustrates multicultural approaches to the topic. It defines multiculturalism in very broad terms, using it to refer not only to different ethnic and racial cultures but also to different historical periods. The volume also explores cultural differences involving such matters as physical disability, sexual orientation, particular social roles, distinct stages of life, and specific kinds of language usage. The book also ranges widely over various kinds of art, including poetry, short stories, novels, drama, nonfiction, and film. Every effort has been made to include as many different kinds of cultures and subcultures as possible.

Volumes begin with an overview of the critical approach and guide readers on what to look for when evaluating works using that particular critical lens.

Critical Context
Four essays, each over 4,000 words in length, provide readers with a thorough understanding of the cultural, critical, and historical context of the critical approach.

  • Historical Background: Discusses how the time period influenced the development of this form of criticism across different cultures, as well as what makes this school of criticism relevant to a contemporary audience.
  • Critical Reception: Surveys major pieces of criticism that mark the evolution of this school of literary criticism and identifies major critics.
  • Critical Lens: Represents a close reading of a work using the specific critical lens.
  • Comparative Analysis: Analyzes the specific school of criticism in light of another form of criticism across two or three different works. 

Critical Readings of Ten Works
In-depth essays, over 5,000 words in length, examine ten individual works using the specific critical approach. Works covered include short fiction, poetry, drama, and film. Works span across historical periods to demonstrate the breadth of this approach to literary critical analysis.

Additional Resources

  • Glossary of Frequent Terms
  • Timeline
  • About the Editor
  • About the Contributors
  • General Bibliography
  • Subject Index

This series provides literature students with the tools necessary to study each approach to literary criticism using a unique combination of critical contexts and analysis of several works. This arrangement allows readers to develop a deeper understanding of each critical approach alongside several in-depth critical readings of popular works spanning many different genres. A must for literature collections of all sizes.

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