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Critical Survey of Poetry: Contemporary Poets

Editor: D. Alan Dean
November 2019


A CHOICE Top 75 Community College Resource for September 2020

To bring coverage into the twenty-first century, a new two-volume set on Contemporary Poets has been added to the Critical Survey of Poetry. By adding this supplemental set to your foundation volumes, you’ll be adding a wealth of new information on the most influential and celebrated contemporary poets from around the world.

Critical Survey of Poetry: Contemporary Poets profiles the most influential and celebrated contemporary poets around the globe. 

Salem’s comprehensive coverage of poets and poetry continues with this two-volume supplement to the Critical Survey of Poetry (14 volumes, 2011)Containing 200 all new entries in two volumes, this collection of biographical profiles brings the Critical Survey up to the present day. The articles detail the lives and works of poets who have been active in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries who did not appear in the original 14-volume set. We’ve included profiles of such popular poets as: 

  • Eileen Myles
  • Walter Griffin
  • Morgan Parker
  • Javier Zamora
  • Dawn Lundy-Martin
  • IN-Q
  • Mei-mei Berssenbrugge
  • David Daniels

Also covered are critically-acclaimed poets who have been recognized with major awards, including recent winners of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, the National Book Award for Poetry, and the Ruth Lilly Prize:

  • Forrest Gander (Pulitzer, 2019)
  • Tyehimba Jess (Pulitzer, 2017)
  • David Ferry (National Book Award, 2012; Ruth Lilly Prize, 2011)
  • Justin Phillip Reed (National Book Award, 2018)
  • Peter Balakian (Pulitzer Prize, 2016)
  • Daniel Borzutsky (National Book Award, 2016)
  • Ed Roberson (Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize, 2016)
  • Robin Coste Lewis (National Book Award, 2015)
  • Mary Szybist (National Book Award, 2013)
  • Terrance Hayes (National Book Award, 2010)
  • Vijay Seshadri (Pulitzer, 2014)

Each Poet essay focuses on a single poet and includes an analysis of their significant individual poems or collections.  Essays begin with full data on dates and places of birth and/or death, and a list of the poet's "Principal Poetry." Next is a brief overview of "Other Literary Forms" and two longer sections, "Achievements" and "Biography."

The longest section, "Analysis," discusses the poet's work and examines several poems.

The final section includes a bibliography containing up-to-date resources for further study.

In addition, the introduction to Critical Survey of Poetry: Contemporary Poetry thoroughly surveys recent schools and literary movements such as the new formalism, slam and spoken word poetry, language poetry, ecopoetics, and more.

An appendix contains essays on important themes in contemporary poetry, approaching each theme by discussing it through the lens of literary history. The essays discuss themes such as:

  • The body
  • Nature and the environment
  • Identity and culture
  • Love
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Language
  • Politics

The back matter also includes alphabetical, chronological, and geographical indexes of contemporary poets.

Designed for high school students and undergraduates, these easy-to-understand analytical essays provide new and interesting ways that the work of these influential, contemporary poets can be discussed and appreciated.

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