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Critical Insights: Power & Corruption

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October 2023

Lord Acton famously claimed that absolute power corrupts absolutely. When and why does power lead to corruption? This volume focuses on literary texts that have dealt most memorably with this theme to help readers better understand different views and treatments of this concept. These important works are crafted to be effective as literature, not mere statements. The essays in this title will seek to define how definitions of power and corruption have changed throughout history, the criteria by which some uses of power are judged corrupt, and whether or not these criteria can be considered objective or universal. CI: Power & Corruption will also delve into how human differences (gender, race, and class) affect definitions and perceptions of power and corruption.
The Critical Insights series distills the best of both classic and current literary criticism of the world’s most studies literature. Edited and written by some of academia’s most distinguished literary scholars, Critical Insights: Power & Corruption provides authoritative, in-depth scholarship that students and researchers will rely on for years. This volume is destined to become a valuable purchase for all.