Careers in Technical Services & Equipment Repair Review

This guidebook is a go-to source for those considering entering the broad field of technical services and equipment repair. It not only educates readers as to what types of jobs are available, but also provides ample information regarding the greater job environment in an engaging way.

Alphabetically arranged chapters guide readers through 25 different jobs, ranging from Aircraft Mechanic to Vending Machine Repair. Within each chapter, readers will take a straightforward and thorough look at specific job duties, elements of the work environment, occupation specialties, educational and training requirements, earnings and advancement potential, and much more. The use of bullet points, shaded sidebars, tables and more makes the material easy to follow. Some special features include "Famous Firsts," a typical day in the life on the job, conversations with professionals, a "snapshot" of the job, and a listing of applicable organizations readers can consult for more information.

The book also includes a helpful overview providing a general sense of the types of people who might pursue a technical career, an employment outlook, and information about training, skills, and certifications. In addition, an appendix provides a useful tool based on the Holland Code to help potential job seekers match their personalities with career possibilities.

Compiled in a positive, comprehensive manner, this book will appeal to those embarking on their first job search as well as those considering a shift into this fulfilling job sector.

—ARBA Staff Reviewer