Careers in Manufacturing & Production Review

“One in a series on careers, this volume provides a compact resource for examining the wide variety of careers in manufacturing and production. The volume shares general information about this important and evolving employment sector, as well as more targeted information about individual jobs within the sector.

An introductory section provides useful background on U.S. manufacturing (the making of goods, parts, and materials), including a brief history, general statistics, and an overview of career options. Following this are alphabetically arranged chapters describing 27 different jobs, ranging from boilermaker to welder. Within each chapter, readers will find ample and varied information detailing specific duties, the expected work environment, occupation specialties (e.g., one can be an arc, gas, combination or production line welder), educational requirements, earnings and advancement potential, and much more. The use of such tools as bullet points, shaded sidebars, and tables make the material easy to navigate. Some special features include projected employment trends, “fun facts,” the description of a typical day in the life on the job, a “snapshot” of the job, and a listing of applicable organizations readers can consult for more information. The “Conversation With…” feature presents interviews with individuals in particular jobs and is particularly insightful. The book also includes a list of selected schools which offer highly regarded programs in the particular field. An appendix explains the “Holland Code,” which provides a useful tool to help potential employment seekers match their personalities with career possibilities. A bibliography and an index round out the work.

Clearly compiled, this book will appeal to those curious about the state of manufacturing and the many related jobs.”
—ARBA Staff Reviewer