Careers in Information Technology - Review

Careers in Information Technology chapters commence with snapshots of information technology specialties that include career clusters, interests, occupation profiles, and future employment opportunities. Individual chapters offer informative overviews that include in-depth discussions regarding career preparation, work environment, earnings and advancement, and duties and responsibilities. Profiles outline working conditions, educational needs, and physical abilities. The academic content is on the cutting edge for maintaining reader interest through fascinating real-life experiences, insights, and employment trends. The transition, clarity, organization, and reader-friendly writing style facilitate reader comprehension and learning. Charts, tables, and employment projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics enhance the work. Numerous visual tools, including Fun Facts and Famous First text boxes, stimulate reader interest. Chapters reflect on transferable skills and abilities that readers can apply to specific occupational categories. The concluding content offers readers an opportunity to assess career interests based on the Holland Code. The code suggests that people and work environments can be loosely classified into six different groups. Different personalities may find particular work environments that celebrate and embrace their uniqueness—the perfect match!

Careers in Information Technology offers high school and undergraduate audiences a well-balanced and thoughtful resource. Public libraries and community colleges will also benefit.
—ARBA Staff Reviewer