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Careers in Chemistry

Editor: Donald R. Franceschetti, The University of Memphis
February 2013

Salem's new series explores the fields and occupations of science and other emerging fields, emphasizing STEM occupations and outlooks and green technologies where applicable. Written for high school and undergraduate students as well as general nonspecialists, this series will provide much needed insight into the career opportunities of this growing filed.

Careers in Chemistry highlights the top fields in which students and job-seekers can thrive in this expanding industry. Field overviews and occupation profiles are supplemented with key interviews from professionals, and job advice highlighted to provide students with a wealth of information on possible career options. This volume in the Careers In... series profiles 22 branches of chemistry, all written by authors with expertise in science or a related field. Among the fields/careers covered are:

  • Agricultural Chemistry - Agricultural Chemist
  • Atmospheric Chemistry - Atmospheric Chemist
  • Biochemistry - Biochemical Engineer
  • Chemical Engineering - Production Engineer
  • Chemical Genetics - Geneticist
  • Chemical Technology - Chemical Technician
  • Cosmetics Chemistry - Perfume Chemist
  • Electrochemistry - Fuel Cell Engineer
  • Environmental Chemistry - Environmental Chemist
  • Femtochemistry - Experimental Scientist
  • Food Chemistry - Food Technologist or Nutritionist
  • Forensic Science - Forensic Scientist
  • Geochemistry - Geochemist
  • Green Chemistry - Analytical Chemist
  • Materials Science - Materials Chemist
  • Medicinal Chemistry - Oncologist
  • Nuclear Chemistry - Radiochemist
  • Petrochemistry - Petrochemist
  • Pharmacology - Pharmacist
  • Polymer Chemistry - Plastics Engineer
  • Pulp and Paper Chemistry - Wood chemist
  • Toxicology - Toxicologist

The essays on the fields of chemistry include Core Concepts; Applications Past and Present; Impact on Industry; and Social Context and Future Prospect. Also included is a fact-based overview of the branch or subfield it covers.

The essays on the corresponding occupation profiles include Education and Coursework; Daily Tasks and Technology; Earnings and Employment Outlook; and Related Occupations.

Further reading suggestions accompany all science articles and a listing of occupational web resources accompany all occupational profiles. Every entry also includes sidebars, photos, and graphs illustrating key concepts.

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