Careers in the Arts: Fine, Performing & Visual Review

“This series offers a well-organized, easy-to-use reference with general information on a variety of careers. This volume focuses on a range of jobs within the varied arts sector, encompassing specialties from acting to writing and more.

Opening pages lay a good foundation regarding the current state of the arts sector, discussing its adaptation to advancing technologies, growth potential, and other topics. The alphabetically arranged chapters that follow guide readers through twenty-seven individual occupations. Within each chapter, readers will find ample information compartmentalized into topical sections. An Overview provides an occupation’s general work description with brief coverage of duties and responsibilities. Occupation Specialties lists specializations within the broader job definition. Work Environment looks at physical, interpersonal, and technical expectations of the occupation. The Education, Training, and Advancement section discusses such things as academic programs and professional requirements. Earnings and Advancement offers general assessment of salaries and benefits and the Employment and Outlook section describes current professional trends.

Chapters are succinct, and employ a generous use of bullet points, headers, tables, shaded text boxes, and other tools for ease of navigation. Additional features may include historical information, Fun Facts, interviews with professionals, a description of an average day on the job, a Snapshot, and affiliated educational and professional resources.

The volume also includes a subject index and two appendixes providing the Holland Code career matching tool and a general bibliography. The straightforward, positive approach to the material will engage high school students, university students, and other readers considering entry into the arts field.”
-ARBA, 2018