Careers in Writing and Editing Reviews

“The toolsets for editing and writing careers are as wide in variety as the field itself. Gone are the days when a student — of high school or collegiate level — could count on a communications degree to ferry them from one career goal and to the next. Students are now expected to remain versed and flexible in their skillset while working through this shifting, tech-driven landscape. The problem soon arises: how does a student fit their collection of unique platform experiences, style practices, and/or program knowledge into one career path? This is the central question Careers in Writing & Editing hopes to address.

This work selects a blanket approach as a reference resource. The title divides into the two sections of Industry Profiles and Career Profiles, and further breaks down possible communication fields within those sections. For example: the Industry section gives generalized profiles on groups, like legal services, while the Career Profiles section covers how paralegals use writing and editing tools. A librarian can find baseline information on most any field in question, whether it’s average salary figures or a listing of what training an aspirant would need. These factoids are often supplemented with testimonies from active career professionals, as well as what brands of education and training would benefit you the most on a particular path…”

“The most useful portion of this resource is the contact listings at the end of each industry and career profile. The workplace summations and professional interviews throughout are better supported by these listings, as they’re thorough rundowns for major industry organizations. This information can provide a useful launching point for those curious about the exemplars of their field and what their own place in those organizations might look like…”

-Against The Grain