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Careers in Transportation

September 2019

This volume contains twenty-six occupational profiles that offer details on each particular career path within the field of transportation. Additionally, this title offers twenty-one interviews featuring a professional working in a related job who can offer insight into specific areas, ideal for students, undergraduates and adult job seekers interested in learning about today's many careers in transportation.

Careers in transportation and logistics offer a wide array of options for today’s job seeker. As our transportation system becomes more technologically advanced, demand for workers with specific skills with continue to grow. Today’s career options in this industry segment run the gamut across several sectors, and include both domestic and international jobs, including:

  • Truck & Delivery Drivers
  • Public Transportation
  • Distribution Operations
  • Traffic and Travel Logistics
  • Water Transportation
  • Air Transportation
  • Expeditors & Logisticians
  • Railroad Transportation

In addition to need-to-know data on the specifics of these careers, each chapter includes charts, tables, and valuable sections like “A Day in the Life of…” and Conversations with Real Professionals.

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