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Applied Science: Technology

Editor: Donald R. Franceschetti
December 2013

Applied Science: Technology is a comprehensive volume that examines the many ways in which technology affects daily life. Drawn from the technology articles in Salem’s five-volume Applied Science reference set, this single volume is designed to help those specifically planning for a career in technology understand the interconnectedness of the different and varied branches of this field. 

Comprising 99 lengthy and alphabetically arranged essays on a broad range of technology subjects, this excellent reference work addresses technology fields as long-established as anthropology and glassmaking, and as cutting-edge as cryogenics and telemedicine. You will find entries in areas as diverse as drug testing, jet engine technology, photography, and plant breeding, as well as a multitude of entries that fall under the emerging fields of alternative fuel and wireless technologies. Applied Science: Technology also includes charts and diagrams, as well as “Fascinating Facts” related to each applied-science field.

Applied Science: Technology uncovers the history and science in the fields of technology including:

  • Artificial Organs
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Computer Graphics
  • Digital Logic
  • Earthquake Prediction
  • Energy Storage
  • Explosives Technologies
  • Fiber-Optic Communications
  • Risk Analysis
  • Recycling Technologies
  • Software Engineering
  • Numerical Analysis and more. 

Several features continue to distinguish this reference series from other works on applied science. The
front matter includes a table detailing common units of measure, with equivalent units of measure provided for the user’s convenience. Additional features are provided to assist in the retrieval of information. An index illustrates the breadth of the reference work’s coverage, directing the reader to appearances
of important names, terms, and topics throughout the text. The back matter includes several appendixes and indexes, including a biographical dictionary of scientists, a compendium of the people most influential in shaping the discoveries and technologies of applied science. A time line provides a chronology of all major scientific events across significant fields and technologies, from agriculture to computers to engineering to medical to space sciences. Additionally, a complete glossary covers all technical and other specialized terms used throughout the set, while a general bibliography offers a comprehensive list of works on applied science for students seeking out more information on a particular field or subject.

Applied Science: Technology is specifically designed for a high-school audience and is edited to align with secondary or high-school curriculum standards. The content is readily accessible, as well, to patrons of both academic and university libraries. Librarians and general readers alike will also turn to this reference work for both basic information and current developments, from nanotechnology to biofuels and synthetic fuels, presented in accessible language with copious reference aids. Pedagogical tools and elements, including a bibliographical directory of scientists, a timeline of major scientific milestones, and a glossary of key terms and concepts, round out this unprecedented and unique resource.

This volume presents the technology articles from the five-volume reference set Applied Science, for the benefit of students considering careers in technology, their teachers, and their counselors. Other volumes cover science and medicine, and engineering and mathematics.

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