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The Nineties in America

Editor: Milton Berman, Ph.D.
February 2009

Comprehensive coverage of the impact of the 1990's on the United States and Canada. With free, unlimited online access to all the "Decades" titles in your collection.

The Gulf War, dot-coms, impeachment, grunge, Y2K. . . The Nineties in America examines the iconic personalities and moments of this important decade. With more than 600 articles about films, books, political leaders, events, fads and technology, this three-volume encyclopedia serves as a valuable source of information and keen insights for today's students.

Scope & Coverage
This new three-volume set serves as a companion piece to the popular Decades series, which includes The Fifties in America, The Sixties in America, The Seventies in America and The Eighties in America. It features important events, movements, people, and trends in popular culture, literature, art, sports, science, technology, economics, and politics in both the United States and Canada during the period of 1990-1999. Written with the needs of students and general readers in mind, The Nineties in America presents clear discussions of its topics. Entries fall into the following general categories: arts and literature, business and economics, crime and punishment, disasters, education, environmental issues, film and television, health and medical issues, international relations, journalism, military and war, politics and government, popular culture, popular music, religion and spirituality, science and technology, sexuality, social issues, sports, and transportation.

Organization & Format
Essays are one to six pages long and begin with a concise title followed by a brief description of the person, organization, work, concept, or event. Further headings attribute authorship, establish a date for the subject, and assign a location. Every essay features an "Impact" section, which examines the subject's broader importance during the 1990's. Overviews often include a section called "Subsequent Events" that sums up later developments. Cross-references at the end of each essay direct readers to additional entries in the encyclopedia on related subjects. Every entry offers bibliographical notes and an author byline.

Special Features
Volume 3 contains 16 appendixes that provide additional information about selected aspects of the decade: major films, Academy Award winners, major Broadway plays and theatrical awards, most watched television shows, and Emmy Award winners; best-selling U.S. books and major literary awards; Grammy Award winners and notable facts about popular musicians; winners of major sports events; major U.S. Supreme Court decisions and important legislation; a glossary of new words and slang; a detailed time line; an annotated general bibliography; and an annotated list of Web sources on 1990's subjects.

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