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Critical Survey of Young Adult Literature

Editor: Amy Pattee, Simmons College
April 2016

This comprehensive collection provides thoughtful examination of the Authors, Works, Genres, Themes and Film Adaptations that have contributed to the popularity and success of the young adult genre.

Critical Survey of Young Adult Literature aims to discuss the most representative young adult works that forms today's canon for academic coursework and library collection development, with over 300 essays of clear, concise, and accessible analysis. This collection includes classic young adult titles like The Outsiders, popular series like Divergent, plus a variety of significant themes, film adaptations, and other sections important to the popular young adult category.

With more than 300 essays on the evolution of young adult literature from its idiosyncratic beginnings to widespread appeal and acceptance as a legitimate cateogry worthy of critical examination, it covers the unique development of books about teenagers to books for teenagers. Historic overviews track the complex development of this important literary form, while the survey of key themes and genres-albeit far from exhaustive-will help define major milestones and provide an important foundation for future research. This single volume comprises biographies, plot summaries, film adaptations, themes and genres of young adult literature with dozens of images of authors or book jackets of influential works. 

Author Biographies-Complete coverage of 40 of the most notable young adult authors from around the world. In-depth biographies provide an overview of each author's life, influences and major works. Coverage includes such notables as C.S. Lewis, Gary Paulsen, J.K. Rowling, Judy Blume, Lois Lowry, Markus Zusak, Stephanie Meyer, and many more.

Genre Overviews-These comprehensive Genre Overviews provide a thorough examination of the genre, through the lens of three popular works. A wide variety of genres are covered, including Adventure, Apocalyptic, Christian, Graphic Novels, Humorous, LGBTQ, Paranormal, Romance, Dystopian, Steampunk, and Urban Literature.

Plot Summaries-Provides a thorough examination of 50 notable young adult works. Detailed entries being with the type of work, type, time and locale of the plot, along with principal characters. A plot summary follows, along with a detailed critical evaluation of the work's theme, style and focus.

Theme Overviews-Offers a detailed look at the most popular themes within young adult literature. Comprehensive essays take a close look at the theme, through an thought-provoking analysis of three individual works. Themes covered in this section include Alienation, Body Image, Bullying, Depression, Friendship, Good & Evil, Substance Abuse, and many others.

Film Analysis-Provides a thorough examination of over 40 popular film adaptations of young adult novels. Detailed entries analyze the literary cinematic merits of the film adaptation, while making note of the similarities and differences between the film and the book. Coverage includes The Book Thief, Divergent, Eragon, The Fault in Our Stars, Hugo, The Lovely Bones, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and many more.

Additional tools for research and points of access to the wealth of information contained in Critical Survey of Young Adult Literature include: a TimelineGuide to Online Resources; a General Bibliography; a Subject Index and a Name Index

The Critical Survey of Young Adult Literature provides a single source for examination of this popular genre. This new title is a must of high-school and undergraduate literature collections along with public libraries of all sizes.

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