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November 2016 · 3 volumes · 1,200 pages

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Salem Health:

NEW! An accessible, comprehensive resource covering all aspects of human nutrition.

Salem Health's newest title, Nutrition, offers researchers a one-stop source for comprehensive, easy-to-understand information on all aspects of human nutrition. This new tool is designed to inform users about healthy eating, the nutritional value of various foods, diets, eating disorders, dietary conditions and so much more.

Salem Health: Nutrition provides in-depth articles on 300 topics in an easy-to-use A-Z format. Designed for high school, undergraduate and public libraries, entries are written in clear, understandable language to provide students and researchers with accessible, updated information important to gain an understanding of the many areas of human nutrition. 

Written by healthcare experts, the entries in Salem Health: Nutrition offer a comprehensive overview of a wide variety of topics, including:

Dietary Conditions
Ethnic & Cultural References
Healthy Eating
Nutritional Health for Various Age Groups
Skills & Checklists
Vitamins & Minerals
Dietary Guidelines
Eating Disorders
Nutrition Best Practices